The following cases are not covered by the warranty – regardless of the value involved:

1. Product parts that are subject to general wear (such as castors, upholstery fabrics, surfaces of frames and tables, table edges, etc.)
2. Defects caused by incorrect use (e.g. the use of soft castors on carpeted floors)
3. Defects caused by incorrect handling or non-observance of the operating instructions
4. Defects resulting from improper interventions or maintenance by persons who have not been authorized by ProPlus

 Important information regarding leather and wood:

1. Leather is a natural product. Scars, cracks and creases are all proof of the authenticity of the material. These typical features do not give cause for complaint. 
2. Wood is a natural product, which means that differences in colour and structure cannot always be avoided. This applies to the colours in colour charts and subsequent deliveries. These deliveries do not give cause of complaint.

Services provided under the terms of warranty:

1. The spare parts which are necessary in order to eliminate any faults shall be supplied free of charge (this includes shipping and packaging)
2. A customer service team shall repair the Products on the premise of the customer in Myanmar